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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Craving for Teppanyaki? Check out Mismukuno Teppanyaki

A new teppanyaki place has just opened in A.S. Fortuna Street, Mandaue.  Mismukuno Teppanyaki is another restaurant being introduced by the people behind Cebuano favorites Mooon Cafe and Lantaw Restaurants.  Mismukuno will give Cebuanos the traditional Teppanyaki house experience.  Teppanyaki is traditionally prepared and cooked in a flat grill by a trained cook in front of the diners.  The customers in Mismukuno Teppanyaki will be able to see, taste, and hear how they transform from basic ingredients to amazing dishes. 

What can you buy at Mismukuno?
1. Teppanyaki - This is the house specialty.  It comes with cabbage and bean sprouts, and an unlimited serving of miso soup.
2. Rice - You can have the plain rice at 50 pesos but you can also have the Yaki Meshi at 75
3. Angus Beef at 499
4. Gyodun
5. Seafoods - You have several options: Salmon, Mixed Seafood, Rock Lobster, Prawns, Mahi-mahi and Scallops.
6. Veal Liver
7. Others - Tofu and Yakisoba

How to get there?
The restaurant is located A.S. Fortuna Street. It is on the left side if you are driving towards Mandaue.

Driving Directions: If you are coming from Banilad, Cebu City, you turn right at the Caltex gas station under the Banilad-Talamban flyover. You drive along A.S. Fortuna, until you can find an area to make a U-turn, which is just around 50 meters from Caltex. Take a U-Turn then drive around 20 meters, you won't miss it.  It is near Alberto's Pizza.  There is a parking space in front of the establishment.

If you are coming from Mandaue, just drive along A.S. Fortuna and it is just a few meters before you reach the Foodland/Maria Luisa junction.

Your order is cooked right in front of you

Salmon for those who do not like red meat

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