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Friday, December 21, 2012

Food Spot: Ipar's Restaurante Y Bar de Tapas

The Philippines has been occupied by the Spain for almost 4 centuries and the Spanish influence has someone remained in the country.  From our religion to our traditions and even to our food.  Dishes like Caldereta, Menudo, Afritada, and even the much revered Lechon is somehow influenced by our old colonial masters.  Very few Filipinos though do not know how "real" Spanish cuisine taste like. If you are curious about authentic dishes from beloved Spain and you happen to be in Cebu then head down to Ramos Street check out Ipar's Restaurante Y Bar de Tapas.  

Ipar's is a restaurant that doubles as a Tapas Bar.  Chef and Owner Ipar Miranda wants Cebuanos to taste and experience the real taste of Spain.  One can enjoy familiar favorites like Gambas Al Ajillo, Spanish Chorizo, Calamares, Paella,  Callos, Caldereta and Lengua carefully prepared to seemingly transport diners from Cebu to Madrid, Barcelona or Bilbao.  There are so many entrees to choose from. From Tapas to Sopas to Aves to Pescasdo to Carnes to Postres, one can a great Spanish culinary journey at Ipar's.

What are you waiting for? Have a gastronomic vacation now!! :)

Restaurant Information:

Address: 157 F. Ramos Street, Cebu City
Telephone Number: +63-32-4107727

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Japanese Feast at Sumo Sam at the Ayala Terraces

Love Japanese food? Love big servings??  If you are someone who has an appetite of a Sumo wrestler, there is now a restaurant that can satisfy your monstrous craving.   Sumosam has opened a branch in the Ayala Terraces Cebu.  Feast on your Japanese favorites in a modern ambiance.

Sumo Sam offers a great variety of dishes and it will take countless of visits to be able to enjoy every entree. Time to take your Sumo appetite to Ayala Terraces and enjoy a feast fit for a hungry Yokozuna.  It is guaranteed that every meal is an amazing and memorable battle.


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Monday, September 24, 2012

Enjoy Southeast Asian Cuisine at Little Saigon Big Bangkok

If you are looking for a joint that serves Southeast Asian favorites like Pad Thai, Satay, Rendang, Banh Mi or Curry, you can check Little Saigon Big Bangkok in Guadalupe, Cebu City.  The restaurant offers Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, and Malaysian favorite in a relaxing atmosphere.

Little Saigon Big Bangkok Restaurant Cebu
Look for the sign ;)
 How to get there: Driving - Just go to V. Rama Avenue and drive towards the Guadalupe Church.  Turn right at the corner right after the Guadalupe Barangay Hall. It will be just a few meters from the corner (it will be on the right side, just look for the signage).  Alternative route is via Andres Abellana.
Commute - Ride Jeepney route 06B 0r 06H and just go down at the Barangay Hall. Alternative is 06D (just tell the driver that you are getting off at the street going to the Barangay Hall)

Food choices, LSBB, Guadalupe, Cebu City
 Little Saigon Big Bangkok (LSBB)offers starters like Goi Con, Salads and Roti Canai.  They also Vietnamese and Thai Soups. The restaurant offers beef, chicken, fish, and pork dishes for the main course.  They also have sandwiches which is quite popular in Vietnam.  They also serve plain rice and different kinds of fried rice and noodles. To complete a meal, dessert is also available.
Vietnamese Spring Roll (Goi Cuon)

Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup (Pho Bo)



Pork Banh Mi

Pad Thai

If you love Southeast Asian Cuisine, this restaurant is a must try.  For a couple bring around Php800 because you might want to order the interesting dishes that they serve. ขอให้เจริญอาหาร!  ;)

Contact Info:
Phone: 09173119859 and 032 415 0228

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Singapore-inspired: Uncle Noodles

If you love noodles, try going to Uncle Noodles at the Lower Ground Area 2 Mango Place, General Maxilom Avenue, Cebu City, and experience the offerings of a Singapore-inspired noodle shop.

 Uncle Noodles is a nice place to have lunch or dinner.  It is airy and it gives you that feel of an old-style "mamihan".  When it comes to food selection, it is all about noodles.  You can have it dry or with soup. You can even order bread or siopao to accompany your noodle. The are also several toppings to choose from like chicken, char siu, prawn, sharskfin, etc.  For the soup you can have it either in clear chicken stock or you can have laksa.  The price is in between your mami and the ramen in Japanese restos. A complete meal with cost around 150 pesos.  

Uncle Noodles has recently opened a branch in the Food Choices area of Ayala Center Cebu.  If you are the type that love noodles, try it and tell me what you think. ;)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Deli and Desserts at The Pantry

A good place to buy dessert and deli goodies in Cebu is The Pantry.  The Pantry is located The Gallery, Juan Luna Street Cebu (near IPI and across San Carlos Seminary). The cafe also offers soups, salads, and sandwiches for those who are looking for a hearty meal. The desert selection is wide.  You can choose between cupcakes, ice cream cakes, and ice cream to cap your meal. Each selection has a many different variants to choose from.

The Pantry has full line deli offering imported sausages, cold cuts, and cheeses.  They also sell hard to find ingredients like branded olive oils. The Pantry is open from 11 AM to 10 PM on weekdays and they close at 12 midnight on weekends.

Wide deli selection at the Pantry
Delicious Deli

yummy cakes at the Pantry
Cakes galore

more dessert choices at the Pantry
More desserts 

Ice Cream Cake at the Pantry Cebu
Ice Cream Cake!

FIC at the Pantry Cebu City
Fruits in Cream

Don Vito Sandwich at the Pantry
Unforgettable Sandwiches

Menu at The Pantry
More meal selections

Friendly staff

The Pantry, The Gallery, Juan Luna, Mabolo, Cebu
Contact Info:
Telephone Number: +63-32-2689300

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Craving for crabs? Try Crazy Crab!

If you love crabs like me, you better head down to Gaisiano Country Mall and dine at Crazy Crabs.  The restaurant have many sumptuous ways in preparing crabs.  Not only it is delicious but it is also very affordable as an order of a whole crab good for one person is just around 160 pesos.

For rice lovers, they also have set meals with unlimited rice for less than 100 pesos.  You can choose from humba, sweet and sour, etc. to compliment your appetite for unlimited rice.

One of the best days to come to the restaurant is on Saturdays as they serve fat female crabs.  You have to go early since their stocks are limited. Many locals and tourists like Koreans visit the place to satisfy their crab craving.  Check it out and enjoy!!!

Crab Restaurant in Cebu

dinner at crazy crab

Crazy Crab Restaurant Cebu
Humba with black beans makes you crave for more rice

Crab dishes at Crazy Crab Cebu
Crab in Hot and Spicy Sauce

Crazy Crab Cebu promo
Saturday is the best day to come

diners at Crazy Crab Gaisano Country Mall

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