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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bike Shop: Cycle Logic

Are looking to start a hobby this summer? One good hobby to start would be biking. Biking not only help you achieve a nice summer body but it also a great activity with friends and family. 

A lot of Cebuanos now are getting involved in fitness-related activities like fun runs and triathlons. To be a triathlete, you need a dependable bicycle or mountain bike. One good place to buy bicycles and parts is located at Parkmall. Cycle Logic carries several brands of bikes. One can even assemble bikes piece by piece but it is going to cost.

Here is the contact information Cycle Logic:
Store Location: Units 3 &4 Ground Floor, Garden Enclave- Building C, Parkmall, Mandaue City
Telephone Number: +6332-238-3513
Social Networking:

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Seafoods: Citra Mina, A.S. Fortuna, Mandaue City

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It is lenten season and during lent many practicing catholics do not meat on fridays. A good place to get seafood like Tuna, Cream Dory, Marlin, and Milkfish (Bangus) is Citra Mina. Their main store in Cebu is located at A.S. Fortuna, Mandaue City across the Peace Convent. The store's specialty is Tuna and they have several cuts like panga, belly, buntot, adobo cut, and sashimi.  They also have creations like tuna lumpia shanghai, tuna tocino, tuna papa, and viands like tuna bicol express.  They also have other fishes like Lapu-Lapu, Marlin, roundscad, snapper, Milkfish, and sardines. So if you are looking a good place to buy fish, check out Citra Mina. ;)
Sashimi cut 
Panga ng Tuna - good for grilling

Cream Dory Fillet

Ready to eat - Tuna Curry

Boneless Bangus

Contact Information:

Address: , AS Fortuna St., AS Fortuna St., Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines
Telephone No: (6332) 343-9754 

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

New Store: Jollibee opens at Parkmall

The Filipinos' favorite fast food  chain has inaugurated its newest branch in Cebu at the Parkmall in North Reclamation Area, Mandaue City. The establishment is separate from the main mall. It is located near the main street and beside the Pier 1 restaurant.  Aside from the normal eat in and delivery, the Jollibee Parkmall branch can serve drive thru customers.  Here are some pictures that I took of the new branch:

You can now eat ChickenJoy, Yum, Champ, and other Jollibee favorites at Parkmall. There is also an annex for parties and additional seating. 

The Jollibee delivery hotline in Cebu is 238-7000.


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cebu Emergency Numbers

It is Fire Prevention Month, one of the most important tips is to know the emergency numbers. Here are the emergency numbers in Cebu.

CEBU CITY FIRE DEPARTMENT - Dial 160 from any landline within Cebu City
     Other numbers:
  • Cebu Fil-Chinese Volunteer Fire Brigade: +63.32.254-0200 | +63.32.254-0300 | +63918-909-9785
  • Mandaue City, Cebu Fire Department: +63.32.344-4747 or hotline +63.32.344-3364
  • Talamban, Cebu Fire Department: +63.32.344-9200
  • Talisay City, Cebu Fire Department: +63.32.272-8277
  • Minglanilla, Cebu Fire Department: +63.32.273-2830
  • Argao, Cebu Fire Department: +63.32.367-7680
AMBULANCE | HOSPITALERUF (Emergency Unit Rescue Foundation)Dial 161 from any landline within Cebu
Other numbers:

  • ERUF Banilad: +63.32.233-9300
  • ERUF Lapu Lapu: +63.32.340-2994
  • ERUF Abellana Sports Complex: +63.32.255-7287
  • Chong Hua Hospital: +63.32.255-8000
  • Cebu Doctor's Hospital: +63.32.255-5555
  • Perpetual Succour Hospital: +63.32.233-8620
  • Cebu Velez General Hospital: +63.32.253-1871
  • Cebu City Medical Center: +63.32.255-7141
  • Mandaue City Hospital: 345-9739 to 42
  • Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center: +63.32.255-1591
  • Vicente Gullas Memorial Hospital: +63.32.346-9292
  • North General Hospital (Northgen): +63.32.343-7777
  • Mactan Doctor's Community Hospital: +63.32.341-0000
  • Lapulapu District Hospital: +63.32.340-0248
  • Argao Rural Unit: +63.32.367-7500
  • Isidro Kintanar Memorial Hospital (Argao): +63.32.367-7500
  • Philippine National Red Cross - Cebu: +253-4611
  • Badian District Hospital: +63.32.475-5592
CITOM (City Traffic Operations Management) - for car accidents call Citom
  • CITOM Cebu: +63.32.253-9211
  • CITOM Mandaue: +63.32.344-6314 
CEBU CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT - Dial 166 from any landline within Cebu City
  Other numbers:
  • Carbon Police Station: +63.32.256-2192 or +63.32.254-8635
  • Waterfront Police Station: +63.32.254-6968
  • Mabolo Police Station: +63.32.233-6793
  • Mobile Patrol Group: +63.32.233-2178
  • Theft and Robbery Section: +63.32.233-0202
  • SWAT: +63.32.235-9666
  • Fuente Osmena Police Station: +63.32.256-2194 | +63.32.255-7350
  • Guadalupe Police Station: +63.32.256-2193
  • Mandaue Police Station: +63.32.344-1200
  • Pardo Police Station: +63.32.273-3642
  • Punta Princesa Police Station: +63.32.261-7507 
  • Minglanilla Police Station: +63.32.272-6662
  • Mambaling Police Station: +63.32.261-9804
  • Naga Police Station: +63.32.489-8808
  • San Nicolas Police Station: +63.32.261-9788
  • Talamban Police Station: +63.32.244-7400
  • Argao Police Station: +63.32.367-7166
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Monday, March 5, 2012

Argao Products: Torta and Tableya

My friends and I recently visited Argao to check on the different things that we can do in the town. We were able to know the products that should buy in Argao.  If you ask someone from Argao, they will surely recommend their Torta and Tableya.

Torta is basically like a sponge cake. The difference in the Torta in Argao is that they use tuba (coconut wine) as riser. This baked good is so popular in Argao that they named the town's festival as the La Torta festival. Here are some of the pictures we took when we went to the place of Jessie Magallones, one of Argao's best Torta makers.

Tableya is our local for unsweetened chocolate rounds. It is made from roasting Cacao seeds and it is basically used to make hot cholocate (sikwate) or champorado. Guilang Tableya is another pride of Argao. Here are our pics when we went to the place where it is made.

If you happen to pass by Argao, do not forget to buy some Torta and Tableya. ;)


Thursday, March 1, 2012

JCentre Mall: Kotobukiya

There is a good Japanese ramen house at the ground floor of the newly opened J Centre Mall. Kotubukiya  serves very delicious ramen in miso, regular, and spicy variants. The ramen servings is good enough for 2 people. The restaurant also serves curry rice, gyoza, fried chicken, and other side dishes.

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