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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Flowers for November 1

November 1 and 2 are big holidays in the Philippines. Many people visit their departed loved ones in the different cemeteries in the city. Flower prices could rival the prices on valentine's day. So where can you buy the cheapest flowers in Cebu?

You can go to Freedom Park Carbon for the best prices. The place is filled with flowers and candles as early as the 30th. The market is practically open 24 hours during the kalag kalag season. Since it is very hard to park in the area, commuting is highly recommended. Majority of the jeepneys pass by the area or you may ask the driver if your passes Colon.

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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Buy your #BangonSugBohol shirts at Island Souvenir branches

The BangonSugBohol movement was started after a massive 7.2 earthquake struck the Cebu-Bohol area last Oct. 15, 2013.  The island of Bohol suffered major damage to properties and infrastructure after Intensity VII tremor .  Some bridges were destroyed causing a great difficulty in delivering relief to victims of the earthquake in some towns.  Some buildings in Cebu were also damaged but it pales in comparison to the degree of destruction in Bohol.  The BangonSugbohol movement was started by several civic organizations based in Cebu to help the vitims of the Oct. 15 earthquake.

The movement has already raised thousands of cash and countless of relief goods that has helped the Boholanos.  They held a charity concert last week which raised a lot of money and they will hold another one today at SM City Cebu.  One way to support the movement is to buy #BangonSugBohol shirts.  These shirts can be bought during the benefit concerts.  It is also available at the different Island Souvenir Branches in Cebu.  Part of the proceeds of the sales of these shirts will be used in the movement's different programs to help the areas affected by the earthquake.  Buy your shirts now and help #BangonSugBohol.  Shirts starts at Php 200.

Island Souvenirs have branches in Ayala Center and SM City Cebu.

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Craving for Vietnamese? Go to Phat Pho

Pho is one of the most popular street foods in Vietnam.  It's like their own version of mami or ramen but a vietnamese twist.  One place to find a delicious version of this very flavorful noodle is at Phat Pho.  Phat Pho is located in Crossroads Mall in Banilad.  You can't miss this place when going to Crossroads especially at night since this place is usually packed. Phat Pho is part of the Abaca Group so you could expect high quality food at a premium price but it is definitely worth the price. 

The restaurant not only offers the popular Pho but also other vietnamese favorites like Banh Mi, satay, and vegetable rolls. This is highly a recommended restaurant by a lot of people I know.  Many bloggers can attest that they really loved their experience at Phat Pho.  Better check it out and have some Pho. ;)

Other useful info:
Telephone Number 032-416-2442
Commute Info:
Taxi - Just tell them to go Crossroads (Around 2 kilometers from Ayala going to Banilad)
Jeepney - Talamban-bound Jeepneys will pass by Crossroads
Budget: Around 500 per head for a great meal

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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Eat All You Can @ Diamond Tong's

Looking for an affordable place that gives a wide selection of dishes in an all you can eat buffet setting? You better head to F. Cabahug Street (Panagdait/Ayala Access Road) in Cebu City and have lunch or dinner at the Original AAA Diamond Tong's.  The buffet costs around 249-299 per head depending on what day you eat since on weekends they usually include Cebu Lechon.

 Tong's is known for its Talaba (oyster).  They prepare it either fresh or grilled topped with cheese.  If you do not like oysters there is a wide selection of dishes ranging from chicken pandan to kinilaw to crispy kangkong.

 There are old time favorites like humba, sweet sour, lumpia shanghai, and shrimps.  Desserts are also available.

Tong's also offer discounts for large groups.  Some people even spend their wedding or baptismal reception there. For Instagramers and other social networking fanatics, Tong's has free WIFI. You can do selfies and food porn while enjoying the food there.

Do check it out. Tong's contact number is (+63-32) 233-7858.

The jeepney route that pass by there is 03A (Carbon to Panagdait via Mabolo). The restaurant is just across Sarrosa Hotel and besides the Caltex Gas Station.  Taxis know this place and it is not that hard to find taxi in Panagdait. There is parking for like 10 cars but usually the Caltex Gas Station allows customers to park.

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