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Monday, March 4, 2013

Market Trip: Carcar City

We recently had an outing to Argao and when we passed by Carcar City, we decided to check out their public market to buy some food for our outing and also to have a chance to grab some breakfast.  We went to the back portion of their public market and lo and behold it was a piece of lechon heaven. The market has so many lechon stalls and owners even allow to have a free sample. It is flavor which is very typical for Cebu lechon. Carcar is very popular for its lechon and puso. Puso or hanging rice is rice cooked in a coconut leaf pouch.  Carcar's puso uses a native variety of rice and its sort of technicolor compared to the typical white colored rice in a Cebu City puso.

There were also many cariderias in the area and they serve a wide range of dishes that includes adobo, paklay, utan bisaya, and lumpia.  For people who likes to have an old-fashioned breakfast, goodies like puto and budbud are also available in the food stalls in the market.

If you happen to have an outing in the Southern towns of Cebu, you do not need to buy so many foods from the city since you can have excellent choices in Carcar.  Check it out!!!


Saturday, March 2, 2013

Now Open: Hainanese Delights

' Love Singaporean Cuisine? You do not have to go far to enjoy Singapore's most popular dish. You can now just head down to the second level of Robinsons Cybergate and enjoy Hainanese Chicken and other yummy dishes at Hainanese Delights.  The newly opened restaurant offers a variety dishes like Fried Chicken, Grilled Chicken, dumplings, noodles, squid, and even milk tea drinks. They also have value meals at 65 pesos which includes a glass of iced tea.  Their rice meals include an unlimited serving of Hainanese Rice.  You better check out this unique "fast-food".

Grilled Chicken

Dumplings! - Steamed, Fried or Mixed!

Unli- Hainanese Rice :)

The famed Hainanese Chicken

65 pesos porkchop meal --- sulit!!!

Kuchay Dumplings are quiet popular

Hainanese Fried Chicken