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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Dimsum Craving solved at Braddex

If you are looking for the most affordable dim sum place in Cebu, you better go to Tisa, Labangon and eat at Braddex Batchoy and Steamed Rice. Tisa has always been known to be foodie haven in Cebu.  It is in Tisa that affordable siomai has become very popular in the city.  In the same area, you can find Braddex.

Braddex is known for its delicious and affordable steamed rice. Steamed Rice is a rice topped pork, shrimp, and special sauce.  It is one food invention that Cebuanos are proud off. In other places, steamed rice is basically plain rice. In Cebu, steamed rice is a meal on its own. It is like fried rice but only better because of the sauce.  Braddex's steamed rice tastes delicious and it is like 10-20% less than the steamed rice you buy in the mall or in popular dim sum chains.

Braddex also serves other dim sum favourites like siomai, siopao and spring rolls. The joint is also known for its batchoy.  Batchoy is a noodle soup that usually have innards and eggs.  It goes well with siopao or even pan de sal. It is best eaten for snacks including midnight snacks after a drinking spree.

If you happen to be craving for these "comfort foods" head to Labangon and have an enjoyable meal at Braddex.

Cebu Dimsum (Who likes to have steamed rice for lunch?)
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Dimsum delivery for those who are craving
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Monday, May 19, 2014

For RENT: Fully Furnished 1 Bedroom unit at Movenpick Residences Mactan

Location: Movenpick Residences Mactan, Punta Engano, Mactan, Cebu
Unit Type: Fully Furnished 1 Bedroom Unit
Furnishings and Appliances: Television, Cookware, Refrigerator, Split-Type Aircon, King Size Bed, Sofa Beds, Bath Tub, Outdoor Tables and Chairs.
Amenities: Swimming Pool, Beach, Ibiza-inspired Beach Club, Restaurants
Property Management: Movenpick Hotels and Resort Chain
Monthly Rental Rate: Php 35,000 (Owner prefers a minimum of 3 months rent and rates can be lower for longer stay)

For more information about the unit, you may CALL/TEXT/VIBER +63-9493721209.

Who would not want to go night swimming in such lovely looking pool!

Be refreshed every time you wake up with this view!